We designed several applications and separate websites to make our work-flow and communication more efficient. Some are available to our clients:


document management

Our document system that makes it easy track billing and payments 24/7. Recurring invoices are generated, sent and followed up almost automatically. This way costs are reduced to a minimum.
Custom adapted versions are available to run your own administration. Contact us for more information. merylo.com


file transfer service

We use this to deliver big files to clients who can, after approval, just drag and drop them to the printer’s file. We also use it instead of mail attachments, so large files get to us in time and with ease. It is a simple and secure system to send, receive and move large files (up to 2Gb) to customers, suppliers and employees. server7.be


web-related technology

Nethome offers a quick and easy tool to look up availability of domain names and related e-mail addresses. This is where we keep track of recent technological web design developments we use. Nethome provides graphic designers services so they can deliver websites to their own clients. They design, we produce. nethome.be

Highly recommended

Some kit we really like using. Check them out and give them your support!


is our operating system of choice. Stable, powerful and free. www.ubuntu.com


is used for javascript development and over the years has become enormously popular. www.jquery.com


has been used since version 2. This framework for PHP development helps in the separation of presentation from application logic. www.smarty.net


are being used to power some of the largest websites in the world. Nothing wrong with using it for everything else too. www.php.net, www.mysql.com


as base for making html5-proof websites for all browsers. www.html5boilerplate.com


As a basis for your webshop. Fast, powerfull, pretty and super modular. Highly recommended. www.opencart.com

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